Many community buildings such as village halls, community centres and church halls are run entirely by dedicated volunteers who are committed to ensuring these vital community resources are sustained for future generations.

There are many opportunities for people to volunteer in their local community building and DCA can help with this. 

Training can also be provided to volunteers and the organisations who involve volunteers.

I want to volunteer…

If you would like to help out at any of the community buildings in the area there are a wide range of tasks you can get involved in – administration, decorating, gardening, marketing/promotion, events organisation, cleaning, helping out with youth activities, odd jobs and many more! Contact the community buildings direct via the contact details provided on each of their pages.

Choose something you like doing, or want to learn to do. Give some thought to what you might be able to give others and what you might get out of volunteering yourself. You can decide how much time you have to spend volunteering and can use skills you already have or learn some new ones

What will you get out of it?

Volunteering can offer you the opportunity to:

  • Contribute to your community
  • Have fun
  • Meet new people
  • Share your knowledge
  • Learn new skills
  • Take part in free training
  • Improve your CV

 For more information about Volunteering please visit the Durham Community Action website